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How to Create an Office Space for Working from Home

by Josephine Hogan

With everything slowly being shut down due to Covid-19, more of us are being asked to work from home to flatten the curve. But that means a lot of unexpected changes we weren’t prepared for. Like how we now have free reign to all the snacks in the cupboards.

All jokes aside, one of the biggest issues is creating a space where work can actually get done. In a normal situation, this is a daunting task. But now, we’re being forced to do it on the fly. So we’ve complied a few tips for creating a home office to help you get through the next few weeks (or months) of working at home.


Picking the right location is probably one of the hardest parts about making your home office. And is the key to making it work. We’re not going to be getting the huge open spaces of the Pinterest dream office. But it is somewhere you’ll likely be spending a good portion of your time during the next few weeks. Which is why you need to choose wisely on where to set it up.

Pick somewhere you won’t get easily distracted by other housemates. Choose that less trafficked corner of the living room. Or maybe the spare bedroom that won’t be seeing any guests in the near future.

But wherever you choose, try to keep it out of your bedroom if possible. Let your bedroom be the sanctuary you need to get through these hard times. Leave work at work in a different part of your home. And let your bedroom be for relaxing.

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Workplace Ergonomics

One of the often forgotten aspects of working from home is the workplace ergonomics. While we lounge on the couch for a few hours in the evening, it’s easy to think we can do that for a day of work. But come Friday, everything feels like it’s hurting.

To avoid this mistake. Start by picking a desk. You have one at the work office, you need one at home too. While we’re building this on the fly, we won’t get options like a standing desk, but be sure to pick a space that is comfortable for you. Then try elevating your computer screen to eye level. Both of these options will help with your posture to keep you from getting the dreaded back ache.

And remember, over the time you’re working from home, you’re going to be sitting quite a few hours in the chair you pick for your office space. Grabbing one from the dining room will work for a bit. But unfortunately, you’re going to start feeling it. If it’s possible, figure out what chair you had in the office. There are many online options to order from to get a new chair and should come within a few days. It’s important to not injure yourself while cooped up.

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Give Yourself A View

While we’re dreaming of the day when this will all be over, there are ways we can make our social distancing seem not so bad. And one of those options is giving yourself something to glance up at other than a blank wall.

If it’s at all possible, put your new office space near a window. Looking outside can give a moment of clarity, plus you have the bonus of getting some good natural light. And when it gets a bit stuffy, go on and open that window for some fresh air.

When you aren’t able to put yourself near a window, or if staring out the window is too distracting, consider other options. Try displaying a picture or two of your favorite places to visit. Hang a favorite painting on the wall above you. Find a plant that needs a little extra love. Just a little something to brighten your new work space.


Let’s face it. We all have the junk drawer around house. The one that plays catchall for the stuff we don’t know what to do with. Now that you’re working from home it is important to keep your desk from becoming that catchall spot. When you’re work space is cluttered with unnecessary stuff, you’re likely to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Something no one needs right now.

In order to keep your space de-cluttered, be sure to pick up the everyday stuff. Take that coffee mug back to the kitchen. Put away the knickknacks. If it’s not serving a purpose to help you be more Zen at work then consider not keeping it there.

Your home space is likely to be a bit tighter than your space at the office. Which means you’ll likely have to clean up a bit more often. Find organization that fits your work style. Order a basket or two. Don’t be afraid to hang things on the wall to give yourself a bit of extra room.


It doesn’t seem like a big deal when you’re setting up your work space. But you’ll be quick to notice how awful poor lighting can be. Eye strain and the accompanying headaches are something you want to avoid at all costs.

When faced with the glare from outside lighting or the overhead light, you can try setting up your monitor in a new position. Avoiding glare will help a ton when it comes to eye strain.

Another option is turning off the overhead light and opting for a smaller lamp on your desk. A smaller light closer to where you’re working will help avoid the glare on your computer screen. And is a vital part to avoiding those headaches.

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There are many other ways you can improve your improv home office. Comment below on how you’ve made your space work best for you.

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