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apts california: kitchen1As a follow up to my article on apartments for rent CA I found this and wanted to link to it.

A report pubished by RealFacts Meyers states that inland prices at apartments for rent CA are going higher and higher. Factors involved in the rise are the housing crisis and a new generation entering the workforce who prefer to rent instead of own.

RealFacts is predicting a huge increase in construction of apartments for rent CA because of changing demographics, weakened economy, and new workers starting housholds.

“The strong fundamentals for apartments have resulted in a flood of institutional lenders and investors flocking to multifamily product, which will help realize new development for multifamily product in core markets,” RealFacts Meyers said in the report which was released earlier this week according to the folks at https://blogs.pe.com/business/2011/07/inland-apartment-rents-and-occ.html.

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