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apts california: palm treesI found this and wanted to link it to my article on apartments California.

San Francisco Ed Lee has requested more than $108 million from the California Pacific Medical Center to help offset the impact of a 555-bed hospital and office building in an already congested area according to https://sf.streetsblog.org/2011/05/20/mayor-asks-cpmc-for-money-to-fund-transit-ped-safety-but-is-it-enough/.

The proposal includes:

$3.5 million to fund the conversation from one-way to two-way traffic

$3 million to fund curb bulbs, crosswalk treatments and signal modifications

$3 million to fund pedestrian lighting along several streets

$500,000 to fund a “Safe Passage Program” creating a designated safe walking route for children

$1 million in capital funding for the establishment of a neighborhood CBD
for the Lower Polk Neighborhood, and initial set of physical improvements “to be
implemented by the CPD on an ongoing basis.”

$1 million to fund streetscape-related improvements

$7 million to fund a series of streetscape, pedestrian safety and lighting

The question some people are asking is will $18 million really be enough to offset the real impact on  transit, pedestrians and bicyclists?

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