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apts california: redwood forest

apts california: redwood forestAs a follow up to my article on Ca for rent I found this and wanted to link to it.

Apartments in Ca for rent are spiking. This isn’t really a surprise with the number of people who have lost their homes recently. Many of the people who are living in apartments in CA for rent have been through a foreclosure.

Studies show tha 6 out of 10 peple who are renting apartments are former homeowners. Because of this rental prices are going up according to the folks at https://www.kionrightnow.com/story/14944987/huge-spike-in-salinas-renters.

Ca is one of the states that have been hardest hit by forclosures. It’s no surprise that some apatment complexes there have no vacancies at all.

How about you? Looking for apartments in Ca for rent  ? Comment below.

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